Leadership Team

The Leadership Team meets monthly at Jackson County Health & Human Services :

420 Wisconsin 54
Black River Falls
(715) 284-4301

Meeting agenda for May 2018: Agenda-LT-May 2018

Meeting minutes for April 2018: Minutes-LT-April 2018

Meeting agenda for April 2018: Agenda-LT-April 2018

Meeting minutes for March 2018: Minutes-LT-March 2018

Meeting agenda for March 2018: Agenda-LT-March 2018

Meeting minutes for February 2018: Minutes-LT-Feb 2018

Meeting agenda for February 2018: Agenda-LT-February 2018

Meeting minutes for January 2018: Minutes-LT-Jan 2018

Meeting agenda for January 2018: Agenda-LT-January 2018


Northwoods Coalition West Region Minutes: 11-10-17 West Meeting Minutes

Northwoods Coalition West Region Meeting in BRF took the place of the TFJCK LT meeting: 11-10-17 West Agenda





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