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Sign up for Strengthening Families under our “Programs” tab!

Strengthening Families Program

Who: Parents or Caregivers and their youth ages 4-10
What: The Strengthening Families Program consists of 10 sessions
When: One day a week
Dates: Tuesdays and one Thursday, Oct.2-Dec.4, 2018
5pm-7:30pm each night
Please register ASAP to help us coordinate meals and space.
Where: Red Creek Elementary School
410 County Hwy A, BRF, WI. 54615


  • Meet other parents and children from the community.
  • Help participants build on their strengths in showing love and setting limits.
  • Help youth develop skills in handling stress, peer pressure, and building a positive future.
  • Have fun with the family.
  • Gift basket for each family, family portrait at end of program!!

There is no cost to attend the program and we have many family incentives for attending!!

Child care provided upon request for children ages 3 and under.

To register please contact (deadline for registration will be October 1, 2018 @ 4pm):

Jackson County UW-Extension
227 S. 11th St.
Black River Falls, WI. 54615
Monica Lobenstein, Youth & Families Program Advisor

You can also register via Facebook (Strengthening Families) or at our website , under the “Programs” tab.

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Outdoor Sharps Disposal Box now open to Jackson County Residents


This outdoor sharps disposal box is located at:

The Jackson County Recycling Center

115 Harrison Street

Black River Falls, WI.

Questions? Contact Lisa at 715-284-6012 or Monica at 715-284-4257

Sign Up For The Strengthening Families Program


The Strengthening Families Program (for parents and youth age 4-14) will begin on Tuesday, September 22, at a location in Black River Falls, to be determined.  Registered families will attend this program every Tuesday for 12 weeks (youth ages 4-10) or 7 weeks (youth ages 11-14).  Contact  at 715-284-4257, if you wish to attend and take advantage of this opportunity.


Four Overdose Deaths in Jackson County Since January First


Two deaths in just the last weekend. Overdoses becoming rapidly more frequent in Jackson County.

Suspects Charged With Making Meth at Humbird Hotel


Two suspects were recently charged with making meth in their room at an area hotel last month.  A third suspect is still being searched for.