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Black River Falls Peer Educators Present Good Drugs Gone Bad To Seventh Graders

Peer Educators from the Black River Falls High School presented to the seventh grade class today about the dangers of perscription drug abuse.  Perscription drug abuse is a growing problem in Wisconsin and Nationwide. The teens presented the Good Drugs Gone Bad program, read stories from former addicts of perscription medications, and answered questions the students had.  Good Drugs Gone Bad was developed by the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association and focuses on educating people about the physical, social, and legal consequenses of perscription drug abuse.

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If you are interested in having a Good Drugs Gone Bad presentation at your business, office, or school please contact Lisa Listle or Alex Galston to make arrangments.

Interesting Article From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Study says too many Americans, led by Wisconsin residents, still drink too much