Monthly Archives: October 2012

Black River Falls T.A.T.U Training

Fifteen Black River Falls High School Students participated in the Teens Against Tobacco Use training this morning in The Black River Falls High School LMC.  They will be presenting the dangers of tobacco to fourth graders later in November.  Nine of this year’s TATU members are returning members from last year!  Thank you to the teens, the trainers, and everyone else that makes TATU possible!

Teen Movie Night A Scary Success!

*Cue spooky music and read in a scary voice*

Eighty-four teens descended upon the historic Falls Cinema on a cool and dark October evening last night to witness the Hollywood horror that is The Woman in Black.  Each teen wearing their red, some might say blood-red, clothes in honor of Red Ribbon Week. Eighty-four individuals feasting on an unholy communion of pop and popcorn as they partook in a drug-free activity to show that teens don’t need drugs to have a good time.  Many thanks to the staff at the Falls Cinema for taking time out of their busy lives to entertain the ghosts and ghouls that attended last night.

Melrose-Mindoro T.A.T.U. Presents!

Melrose-Mindoro T.A.T.U. presented today to 54 fourth graders at Mindoro Elementary school.  T.A.T.U., which stands for Teens Against Tobacco Use, is a peer educating program developed by the American Lung Association.  High school students are taught the program and then present it to elementary school classes.  It has been a very popular program in Jackson County.  Thank you Mel-Min T.A.T.U. members for taking the time to be a positive influence on the fourth graders who themselves will hopefully all be teens against tobacco use when they’re older.

Sidewalk Chalking in Downtown Black River Falls

Slogan writing downtown with the Boys and Girls Club of Jackson County was a HUGE success yesterday!  Nearly 30 kids with A LOT of chalk, a positive message, and a desire to make change in their community really beautified the downtown with all their colorful designs.

Thank you to the staff at the Boys and Girls Club for helping out and a big thank you of course to all the kids that came out and sidewalk chalked with us.

Sidewalk Chalk Slogans for Red Ribbon Week

Great turnout today at the Black River Falls High School for Forever Real, The sequel to Edge of Reality which we showed yesterday.  The teens had a lot of really good questions after the movie again today and even asked if we could come back and show another movie tomorrow.  Well of course we said yes to that!  Tomorrow we will be showing for the first time No Second Chances a 2011 film produced by Haese Films and featuring Clintonville Wisconsin youth.

This afternoon we will be down at the Boys & Girls Club of Jackson County to talk about Red Ribbon Week and why it is important, then we’re taking the kids to beautify the sidewalks downtown with drug free slogans and messages.

Red Ribbon Week is Here!

It’s Red Ribbon season already and we kicked it off by showing Edge of Reality at the Black River Falls High School this morning.  We had 15 teenagers decide to watch the movie which was a pretty good turnout considering that they didn’t have to be there because of Sophomore testing.  The movie led to some good discussions afterwards on teen drinking and consequences.  Tomorrow We will be showing the sequel Forever Real.

Edge of Reality is a 2008 film produced by Haese Films.  Neenah High School students star in this informational film about the choices teens have to make about underage drinking and the consequences those choices can have.

Results from the September 29th Medication Clean-up

Good news everyone! One hundred pounds of medications were taken during our last Pharm Sweep.  That is one hundred pounds of medications that won’t endanger our youth! Thank you to the Jackson County Sherriff’s Department and everyone that helped out!

Don’t forget that there is a 24/7 drop-off box for expired medications at the Sherfiff’s Department.  You don’t have to wait for clean-up days to get ride of your old meds!