Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families Program

Who: Parents or Caregivers and their youth ages 3-11

What: The Strengthening Families Program consists of 12sessions, with a free meal before or during each session.

When: Mondays (5p-7:30p), September 10-November 26, 2012

Where: Gebhardt Elementary School, 411 Gebhardt Road, BRF, WI.  54615


· Meet other parents and children from the community.

· Help participants build on their strengths in showing love and setting limits.

· Help youth develop skills in handling stress, peer pressure, and building a positive future.

· Have fun with the family.

· Gift baskets for each family, family portrait at end of program!!

There is no cost to attend the program and we have many family incentives for attending!!

Registration DEADLINE: AUGUST 31st, 2012, 4pm.

Child care provided upon request.

Contact: Jackson County UW-Extension

227 S. 11th St.

Black River Falls, WI. 54615


Luane Meyer, Family Living Agent


Sponsored by

Together For Jackson County Kids

Jackson County DHHS

Jackson County UW-Extension and

Black River Area Foundation Grant

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